Expedition America - East Coast Tour 2018

Expedition America - East Coast Tour 2018 started at July 9 by Draken leaving Mystic Seaport, CT, to head for the ship's first stopover. During the tour Draken visited 14 harbors across the East Coast of the U.S. spanning from Maine to South Carolina.





The Draken Stopover Experience

Each Draken stopover offers a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for visitors to relive history in a way never before experienced.

We offer guests the opportunity to not only marvel at this stunning Viking ship – but also to interact with the crew while they share their personal experiences of the thrill, fear and exhilaration felt from having relived one of the world’s most mythological sea voyages – the first transatlantic crossing and the Viking discovery of the New World, more than a thousand years ago.

By sharing this magnificent story, the Draken will inspire, educate and entertain local communities, offering an enriching experience, appealing to families and modern-day explorers alike.


An event installation, Draken Village, is an activation area erected surrounding the ship. Designed to further enhance the experience, Draken Village includes the following:

- Draken Photo & video exhibit
- Tour sponsors’ activation
- Receiving city´s local sponsors’ activation
- Official merchandise sales
- Deck tour tickets sales
- Local food & beverage vendors


Each stopover will offer the following activities catering to the public, media and corporate partners:

- Public arrival ceremony
- Exclusive Tours for VIP, Press & Partners
- Official Draken VIP welcoming reception
- Public deck tours (up 1,800 people/day)
- Corporate hospitality activities
- Lectures & film screenings
- Corporate sponsors´public events
- Departure ceremony