Expedition America 2016, here we come!

The route is almost set! There might still be changes but there is a route plan to work with.

On April 24th, Draken Harald Hårfagre will set sail, and start the Expedition America 2016. The first stop will be in Reykjavik around the 1st of May, the exact date is not final yet. We will celebrate the arrival to the Viking island of Iceland with a feast.

From Iceland we aim for the southern tip of Greenland, just round Kap Farvel, to the port of Qaqortoq. Exact date is hard to set, the forces of nature decides a lot. 

Next leg is the crossing from Greenland to Newfoundland, Canada and the plan is to land St. Anthony and L’anse aux Meadows around the 1st of June.

Draken will sail on, into the St Lawrence Sea Way, and call port in Quebec City mid June. Details for the post in Quebec City will be presented as soon as possible.

The 1st of July Draken will join the Tall Ships Challenge Great Lakes 2016 in Toronto and participate in the Redpath Waterfront Festival

The race begins and the next port of call will be Fairport Harbor in Lake Eire July 8-10

Off to Bay City Tall Ships Celebration in Lake Huron, July 15-17

In the end of July, Draken sails into Lake Michigan, and land Navy Pier in Chicago to join the Tall Ships Chicago July 27-31

From Chicago we sail up Lake Michigan and land Green Bay and the Tall Ships Festival Green Bay August 5-7

Duluth, Lake Superior, and the Tall Ships Duluth August 18-21, will be the last port on our Tall Ships Challenge route in the Great lakes.

We are looking forward to be the odd bird in the Tall Ships fleet of the Great Lakes this summer!

From Duluth, Draken will sail all the way back through the lakes, and head off for the NY Canals to make our way into Hudson river. The plan is to land New York City in the middle of September. The exact dates and details for this magnificent stop is yet to be set.

Draken will spend the winter 2016/17  in Mystic Seaport.

There might be changes in our plans due to weather and wind and we might land a few more ports on our way, but we have the map laid out and we will keep you updated!


Approximated dates. We will update with details as soon as they are set!

April 24                 Haugesund, Norway
May 1                     Reykjavik, Iceland
May 16                   Quqortoq, Greenland
June 1                    St Antony, Newfoundland, Canada
June 15                  Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
July 1                      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July 8                     Fairport Harbor, Ohio, USA
July 14                    Bay City, Michigan,USA
July 27                    Chicago, Illinois, USA
August 5                 Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
August 18               Duluth, Minnesota, USA
September 1          Oswego, NY Canals, New York, USA
September 15        New York City, New York, USA
October                  Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, USA