Modern Vikings reaching L’anse aux Meadows

A 1000 years ago the Vikings landed North America and Newfoundland. The Unesco World Heritage site, L’anse aux Meadows is proof of that. At the site, found in 1963, researchers believe that Leif Eriksson and his crew settled. The first of June 2016 the modern Vikings of Draken landed Newfoundland in the port of St Anthony, not far from L’anse aux Meadows.

Captain Björn Ahlander brought the ship safely over the North Atlantic Ocean, “I’m very proud of the crew being able to face all the difficulties we have faced. All kinds of weathers, icebergs, things having to be maintained, without loosing spirit”.

There is yet no proof the Vikings travelled further down St Lawrence Seaway, nor no proof the were not. There is researchsuggesting there is a Viking site in the south west of Newfoundland. Most researchers in the field believes there is more sites to be found in the North Eastern parts of North America.

From here the ship is sailing into the Great Lakes, regardless the Vikings it or not. In the Great Lakes Draken will participate in The Tall Ships Challenge Great Lakes 2016 as one of two foreign vessels, and of course as the only Viking ship!