The secret of the Dragon’s Head

Draken Harald Hårfagre is a Dragonship. The Viking longships owned by kings and chieftains often had a head from a mythological animal in the bow, it offered protection from sea monsters and men, bad weather and raids along the voyages. The head was, besides having the magical function of protection, a sign of wealth and strength, and the more decorated and spectacular the head, the more powerful the owner. Traditionally it was not mounted until just before departure and was not supposed to be mounted in waters near home in fear of scaring of the friendly magical creatures on land.

Draken Harald Hårfagres magnificent Dragon’s head is now being prepared to be mounted, to protect her and her crew on her voyage over the North Atlantic Ocean. The head has been held a secret and has not been seen by anyone besides the artist and the ship builders.

Dragon’s Head Ceremony

April the 23rd the Dragon’s head will be revealed at a ceremony at Vikinggården, Avaldsnes, Haugesund, Norway.

It will be the first time it is possible to see Draken Harald Hårfagre with her head mounted and the last time in a long time it will be possible to see her in Norway. The day after she will set sail and head out for her challenging route of Expedition America, to sail from Norway to Iceland, Greenland, Canada and USA.

The ceremony will uncover the dragon’s head and wish Expedition America fair winds and following seas with traditional procedures and solemn acts.

The public is welcome to witness the Ceremony from designated places, there will be guides to show the way.

April 23rd 3.30 PM Ceremony starts at Vikinggården, Avaldsnes

The Dragon’s head is revealed

The Captain’s words

The myth of the Ravens

The song to Draken

The traditional “Drink to the ship”

 5.15 PM the Ceremony ends for the public. 

Press conference is held 2.30 PM, please contact Sarah Blank for more information and accreditation.


Find your way to Vikinggården, Avaldsnes

The event will be live streamed. More info will come.